Biography of Takehisa Yumeji

1884 : 1 year old. Born on September 16th at 119 Honjo-mura, Oku district, Okayama Prefecture. Given name was Mojiro.
1902 : 19 years old. September : Enrolled at Waseda Vocational School.
1905 : 22 years old. June : Submitted an illustration to a Chugakusekai magazine competition and received 1st place. This was the first time he used the pen name Yumeji.
1907 : 24 years old. January : Married Kishi Tamaki, and set up a new home in Miyabi-cho, Ushigome-ku.
1909 : 26 years old. May : Divorced Tamaki with her consent.
December : Published his first book, Yumeji gashu : Haru-no-maki.
1910 : 27 years old. May 5th : First visit to Kanazawa. Stayed at the Christian Seinen Kaikan in Shinkawa Yokemachi until the 21st
1913 : 30 years old. November : Published his first poetry anthology, Dontaku, which includes the poem Yoimachigusa.
1914 : 31 years old. October : Opened a Minatoyaezoushiten store. In the autumn, he began his friendship with Kasai Hikono.
1917 : 34 years old. June : Moved his residence to Kyoto and started living with Hikono.
August : Accompanied by his son, Fujihiko, and Hikono, Yumeji began a 66-day trip to western Japan and the Kaga region. During their stay in Kanazawa, Yumeji held a show entitled "Yumeji Lyrical Piece Exhibition" in the Kanaya-kan hall in Nishicho.
From September 24th to October 15th, they stayed at Yuwaku Onsen.
1918 : 35 years old. September : A musical score was composed for Yoimachigusa and published by Seno Music scores. In no time at all, the song became popular all aver the country.
The end of this year: He might paint his masterpiece Kurohuneya.
1919 : 36 years old. February : Published a new anthology, Yama-he yoseru, through Shinchosha Publishing.
During the spring, Sasaki Oyo become Yumeji's new model.
1920 : 37 years old. January 16th : Hikono passed away at Ocha-no-mizu Juntendo-in Hospital. She was 25 years old.
February : Yumeji finished Nagasaki Junikei.
September : Thanks to the effort of Nishide Chofu, the Daiichi-no-mure magazine, a colloquial-style tanka journal later called Junseisisha zassi magazine, was published in Kanazawa. Yumeji participated in this endeavor.
1921 : 38 years old. Winter : Yumeji finished Onna Judai.
1924 : 43 years old. September 10th ~ October 28th
Yumeji serialized novel Hiyakushisetsu in the Miyako Shinbun newspaper.
1925 : 42 years old. June : In order to rest, Oyo spent approximately three weeks at Fukatani Hot Spring in a suburb of Kanazawa. Afterwords, she returned to Kanazawa. After staying in Kanazawa for two months, Oyo decided to leave Yumeji.
1927 : 44 years old. May 2nd ~ September 12th
Yumeji serialized his autobiography Shuppan in the Miyako Shinbun newspaper.
1931 : 48 years old. May : Sailed to America with Okina Kyuin on the Chichibumaru. The following year, he would travel around Europe.
1933 : 50 years old. November : Traveled to Taiwan, but upon his return, he fell ill.
1934 : 51 years old. January : Yumeji was hospitalized at the Kogen Ryoyojo Tokubetsu Sanatorium in Shinshu Fujimi.
September 1st : At 5:40 am, with his last breath, he said "Thank you" and passed away.