About us


This museum is dedicated to architecture and urban design and commemorates renowned architect Yoshiro Taniguchi, who is the first designated honorary citizen of Kanazawa. It was built on the site of his former residence and designed by Yoshio Taniguchi who is Yoshiro's eldest son and an internationally renowned architect.
We aim to be a hub of architectural culture and help spread knowledge from Kanazawa to the world through various activities such as exhibitions, lectures and architectural tours.


Think about architecture and town development

In Kanazawa, many historical buildings from the early modern period onward and contemporary architecture such as the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa and the D.T SUZUKI MUSEUM are dotted like mosaic around the city and create a fascinating architectural culture. We think about the beautiful architecture and this beautiful city through its connection with the citizens.

Honor to Yoshiro Taniguchi and Yoshio Taniguchi

Yoshiro is a Kanazawa-born architect who received many accolades in architectural circles for his design of the Crown Prince's Palace (now Akasaka Imperial Palace) and other works. He also received the Order of Culture and helped to create the scenic city that is Kanazawa. Yoshio is busily engaged in the world while also creating a new appeal of Kanazawa through the design of D.T SUZUKI MUSEUM and others in the city. Yoshio relates that he was evacuated to Kanazawa for safety during the war in his early childhood, and was raised learning the culture of Kanazawa from his grandfather and father. In this way we convey the architectural thought of this father-and-son architect pair; an ideology that was both raised by Kanazawa and helped raise Kanazawa.

Refined architectural design

The permanent exhibition room is a space that faithfully reproduces the hall and the tea room of "Yushintei", the Japanese style annex of the state guest house Akasaka Palace designed by Yoshiro. The sophisticated architecture of Yoshio that envelops the space further highlights the permanent exhibits. In this way, you can experience the works of father and son at the same time.

Preservation and utilization of architectural documents

We aim to build architectural archives with a focus on the documents of Yoshiro and Yoshio Taniguchi that where donated to Kanazawa City.

Exchange facilities open to the world

We aim to interact and collaborate with archives and museums of architectural themes both within and outside of Japan such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, designed by Yoshio, the Tokyo National Museum, and the Kyoto National Museum.