Izumi Kyoka Kinenkan Museum

Experience Izumi Kyoka’s world of imagination in the museum constructed on the site of the home where he was born.

Izumi Kyoka lost his mother when he was just a little boy. Nonetheless, he was able to channel the adoration he felt for his departed mother to weave tales of romance and fantasy, creating a unique literary world known today as "Kyoka's World."

Kyoka got his start in the world here in Kanazawa, where he was born to a father who was a skilled artisan and a mother who was the daughter of a musician in the local Noh theater. After moving to Tokyo, his works gained a wider audience. Writing during the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods, he eventually came to be considered a literary master in the genre of romantic literature. "Giketsu-kyouketsu," "Koya Hijiri (The Holy Man of Mt. Koya)," "Onna Keizu," "Nihonbashi" and "Tenshu Monogatari" are among the many dazzling masterpieces that he has left us. Many of his stories have moved beyond the literary world to be turned into plays, films and other forms of art. The charm of Kyoka's World maintains its appeal even today. Here in the spot where Kyoka was born and raised, you may browse the exhibits in the museum and engage with the unique artistic sensibility expressed in the pages of his books. You may also feel the presence of the author's everyday life in the objects he used during his lifetime.

Biography of Izumi Kyoka

1873   Born on November 4th in Shimoshin-cho's 23rd District as Kyotaro, the oldest son of the Kyoka family, Seiji, was a metal engraver. His mother, Suzu, was born in Edo, and was the daughter of a Kadono-style Noh drummer, known by the musician name Nakata Inosuke, as well as the alias Manzaburo, and later Toyoki.
1882 Age 9 Mother Suzu passes away at the age of 28.
1890 Age 17 Moves to Tokyo to be a novelist, inspired by the work of Ozaki Koyo
1891 Age 18 Begins apprenticeship under Ozaki Koyo on October 19th as a houseboy.
1892 Age 19 Makes his debut with Kanmuri Yazaemon, serialized in the The Kyoto Hi no De Shinbun.
1894 Age 21 Father Seiji passes away. Giketsu Kyoketsu (The Righteous and the Chivalrous) serialized in The Yomiuri Shinbun in November.
1895 Age 22 Recognized as a budding author for Yako Junsa(Night Watchman) and Gekashitsu(The Operating Room).
1899 Age 26 Meets his future wife Ito Suzu at the Kenyusha New Year's party.
1900 Age 27 Publishes his masterpiece, Koya Hijiri(The Holy Man of Mount Koya) in Shinsyosetsu.
1903 Age 30 Ozaki Koyo passes away on October 30th. From then, pressure from the school of literary naturalism intensifies.
1905 Age 32 Summer-Moves to Zushi City in Kanagawa in order to care for his deteriorating health. Stays there for three and a half years.
1907 Age 34 Onna Keizu(The Genealogy of Women) serialized in The Yamato Shinbun.
1909 Age 36 Returns to Tokyo in February. Joins the Association of Literary Revolutionaries in April.
1917 Age 44 Publishes his most famous play Tenshu Monogatari (Tale of a Castle Keep) in Shinsyosetsu.
1937 Age 64 Becomes a member of the Imperial Art Academy in June.
1939   Passes away on September 7th at the age of 65. Buried in Zoshigaya cemetery, Tokyo.


Floor Map

①Entrance Hall : Installation of "The Holy Man of Mt. Koya"

You are invited to experience Izumi Kyoka's strange, mysterious, and sometimes troubling world in this installation of his most famous story. Walk with the holy man of Mt. Koya as he passes through "the Forest of Leeches."



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*When Tuesday is a national holiday closed on the following weekday instead.
New Year's Holidays
*December 29th-January 3rd
*Closed occasionally for the replacement of exhibitions etc.


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Izumi Kyoka Kinenkan Museum

2-3 Shimoshin-cho,Kanazawa,Ishikawa 920-0910
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Izumi Kyoka Kinenkan Museum

2-3 Shimoshin-cho,Kanazawa,Ishikawa 920-0910
Tel:076-222-1025 Fax:076-222-1040





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TEL(076)222-1025 FAX(076)222-1040

Museum Shop

There are picture albums, postcards, books, and other original goods for sale in the museum shop. The vestibule just inside the entrance was designed to convey the image of Izumi Kyoka's home in Tokyo as it appeared around the end of his lifetime.

Mini Theater

Let Kyoka's World fill your senses in the Mini Theater. Watch a documentary called "Kyoka" that provides an overview of the author's life. Listen to three interviews (one with the famous actor Bandou Tamasaburo) discussing the appeal of Izumi Kyoka. View an animated version of the picture book entitled "Kechou(A Bird of a Different Feather)".

Permanent Exhibits

From his debut on the literary scene in Tokyo at the age of nineteen until departing this world at the age of sixty-five, Izumi Kyoka penned as many as 300 works of literature.
Visit our exhibits with themes, such as Life and Works, Kyoka's Final Home: the House in Banchou Town, The Water Vein of Beauty and Illusion. See our collection of Kyoka's personal papers, first-edition books, and relics on display. You may also walk through the dioramas of Kyoka's most famous works.

Temporary Exhibits

The museum plans temporary exhibits under a variety of themes to allow you to learn more about the charm of Izumi Kyoka. Learn how Kyoka's influence has crossed genres and continues to spread to other forms of art: literature, play performances, movies, modern art, manga and so on.