Introducing the Museum


(entry permitted until 16:30)
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Adults 300yen
Rates for groups of 20 or more 250yen
Senior 200yen
(through high school)

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Introducing the Museum

The current museum was formerly used as the school building for the Ishikawa Prefectural Kanazawa Second Junior High School. This building is a country important cultural property.
The items on display, articles of daily life, primarily consist of donations from the citizens of Kanazawa. A collection of various items are on display here, from workers' tools to electrical equipments, etc., symbolizing the drastic changes in lifestyle following World War II. The folklore of Kanazawa is also introduced through planned exhibitions, held four times a year.
Please take your time and enjoy the exhibits.

The Museum Building

The building currently used for the museum was built in 1899 to be the Ishikawa Prefectural Kanazawa Second Junior High School. In 1948, with the reform of the educational system, the facility was used as a school building for the Shikindai Junior High until 1970. In 1974, the building was designated as a Cultural Asset of Kanazawa City and opened as the Kanazawa City Minzoku Bunkazai Tenjikan (Kanazawa Folklore Museum) in June of 1978. In 1999, it was also designated as a Tangible Cultural Asset of Ishikawa Prefecture and in 2007 re-named as the current Kanazawa Kurashi No Hakubutsukan (Kanazawa Folklore Museum).In 2017, the building was designated as a National Important Cultural Property.
This building is said to be a precious cultural heritage built in the style of the Western wooden architectural style of school buildings found in the Meiji Era (1868-1912), with a roof built in a complicated style, a porch in the front, and windows that close/open by moving up and down. The building with its characteristic high tower remains dear to the people and is known by the nickname of Sansentou(Three spire).

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9:30~17:00 (entry permitted until 16:30)


During the changing of displays
New Year's Season (December 29th-January 3rd)


Adults 300yen
Rates for groups of 20 or more 250yen
Senior 200yen
Child,Student(through high school) Free


Kanazawa Folklore Museum

3-31 Tobiume-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0938 Japan
(on the ground of Shikindai Jr High School)
TEL/FAX (076)222-5740

From JR Kanazawa Station

By Bus

Take buses No.11,12,16 departing from(Hokutetsu bus)bus stops No.7 of the East Exit Bus Terminal. Get off at "shibiki-cho" ( 25 minutes ). Walk 1 min.

By Taxi

Approx.20minutes ride

By Car

Free parking





金沢くらしの博物館〒920-0938  石川県金沢市飛梅町3-31(紫錦台中学校敷地内) TEL / FAX:076-222-5740