Introducing the Museum

Introducing the Museum

Temporary Closure

Kanazawa Shinise Memorial Hall is closed from June 31 to September 30 as a prevention of the further spreading of the corona virus disease.
We thank you for your understanding.

Overview of Shinise Memorial Hall

The building that houses Kanazawa ShiniseMemorial Hall, which was once a traditionalmedicine store called Nakaya Pharmacy, wasdonated to the City of Kanazawa by the Nakayafamily in 1987. The city has preserved theculturally valuable exterior of the building, whilealso refurbishing the mise-no-ma (storefront), thusrestoring the appearance of a feudal-periodpharmacy. The museum opened on April 1st,1988 as a facility to showcase the traditionalculture of Kanazawa's townspeople.
The Nakaya family's traditional medicine shopwas established in 1579 by Hikobe Nakaya, andby the early feudal period the family had built atypical merchant house in the formerMinami-cho. The family was bestowed the honorof filling the court's medical prescriptions by thefifth-generation Maeda lord, Maeda Tsunanori,and thereafter, successive generations of theNakaya family were highly respected by thepeople of the city.
Prior to the relocation of the building, thecurrent merchant house was erected in honor ofthe Meiji Emperor's visit in 1878, andsubsequently renovated in 1919.

Floor Map

Mise-no-ma (Storefront)

Oe-no-ma (Lounge)

Tea-ceremony room


Between a study


Industrial arts cake

Exhibit space



(entry permitted until 16:30)


Mondays (or the next weekday if Monday is a holiday)
During the changing of displays
(Excluding occasional periods for exhibit maintenance)
During the New Year Holidays(Dec.29-Jan.3)

Starting in July 2021, the museum will be closed on Mondays (or the next weekday if Monday is a holiday) and during the New Year Holidays(Dec.29-Jan.3).


100 yen for adults, High school age and under free

Ticket Admission Charges Note
Shinise Memorial Hall Adult ¥100  
High school and under Free admittance  
General Museum Ticket
Shinise Memorial Hall and Maeda Tosanokami-ke Shiryo-kan Museum
Adult ¥360 valid only on date of purchase
(20 people or more)
65 and over 2019.10.1~
General Museum Ticket
Multiple entrance ticket for 12museun
One day ticket 2019.10.1~
Three days ticket 2019.10.1~
One year ticket 2019.10.1~


Kanazawa Shinise Memorial Hall

2-2-45 Naga-machi, Kanazawa, 920-0865
TEL (076)220-2524 FAX (076)220-2524

From JR Kanazawa Station
By Bus

Hokutetsu Bus
Directions: Take the bus from JR Kanazawa Station to the Korinbo stop, and then walk for 5 minutes.

Flat Bus (Naga-machi route)
Disembark at the Shinise kinen-kan bus stop.