Yumeji’s biography in relation to Yuwaku

1884, age 1 Born in Honjo-son, Oku-county, Okayama-Prefecture on September 16. His given name was Mojiro.
1902, age 19 Yumeji enrolled at Waseda Jitugyo High School in September.
1905, age 22 Yumeji won at first place for his illustration at a competition sponsored by Chugakusekai magazine in June. He used the name Yumeji for the very first time.
1907, age 24 Married to Tamaki KISHI and they had three sons. Yumeji established his own “Yumeji style Bijinga” through painting Tamaki as his model.
1909, age 26 The couple divorced in May 1909 by mutual agreement. Yumeji published his first book of collected Illustrations Haru no Maki in December. The design work of this book was done by himself. Following this he published 57 books through his life.
1910, age 27 Stayed at Kiyoshi HORIUCHI’s residence in Kyoto, April to May. On the same trip he visited Kanazawa for the first time and stayed at Youth Christian Association Building located in Shinkawayokemachi now called Chuodorimachi, May 5 to 18.
1912, age 29 Held his first exhibit at Kyoto Prefectural Library, November 23 through December 2.
1914, age 31 Yumeji opened Minatoyaezoshiten in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Tamaki as the owner ran this notions store and sold goods applied Yumeji’s designs. Soon after the shop was opened Yumeji got to know Hikono KASAI who became his eternal mate.
1916, age 33 He moved to Kyoto in November and his second son Fujihiko began to live with his father in December.
1917, age 34 Hikono also moved in and started to live together in June. In August, accompanied by Fujihiko and Hikono, Yumeji left for a trip to Hokuriku and Kaga region for 66 days.
With support from poet Chofu NISHIDE his exhibition Yumeji Jojo Shohin Tenrankai (Small pieces of Yumeji’s Lyricism) was held at Kanaya Hall in Nishi-cho, Kanazawa. During his stay in Kanazawa he became friend with Genjiro NISHIO, Yoshiji KIDO, Ryosaku TONODA.
From September 24 to October 16 Yumeji had stayed at Yuwaku Hot Springs and painted Yu no Machi, in which the model of a female figure was Hikono.
1918, age 35 His poem Yoimachigusa (Evening Primrose) was published. This became Senow Gakufu (Senow Musical Score), lyrics along with melodies in September and the song became popular nationwide. Since 1916 Yumeji had designed about 280 cover pages and provided lyrics for 24 songs in Senow Gakufu. He returned to Tokyo in November and stayed at Kikufuji Hotel until 1921.
1919, age 36 Anthology Yama e yosuru (To Mountains) dedicated to Hikono was published in February. Around spring Kaneyo SASAKI (Oyo) became his new model.
1920, age 37 Hikono passed away at Juntendoiin Hospital in Tokyo, on January 16, at age 25. Woodcut printing Takarabune (Treasure boat) was published by Yumeji and Sasabune OTSUKI, owner of Kyoto based printing studio Seibundo in February. Participated in publishing Daiichino mure, journal of Tanka in colloquial style poets led by Chofu NISHIDE, September.
1923, age 40 Yumeji’s plan for launching a publisher Dontaku Zuansha was end unsuccessfully due to the Great Kanto Earthquake happened in September. He published a series Tokyo Sainan Gashin (Illustrated report of the Tokyo Disaster) for Miyakoshimbun Newspaper.
1924, age 41 Started to live with Oyo and his sons at a newly built home with his studio Shonensanso or Sankiraiso in Ehara County Matsuzawa village. (Now located in Setagaya ward, Tokyo.)
1925, age 42 Oyo visited Fukatani Hot Springs a suburb of Kanazawa in April. She decided to leave Yumeji while staying at the hot springs again in June through July. Yumeji began to use his painter name Yumesei around this time.
1929, age 46 Third visit Kanazawa for him via Yamanaka Hot Springs accompany by Isamu YOSHII.
1930, age 47 Yumeji announced a plan for establishment of the Harunasan Bijyutsu Kenkyusho (Harunasan Art Institute) in May.
1931, age 48 Left for the West Coast of the USA by ship along with Kyuin OKINA, May 7.
1932, age 49 Yumeji arrived in Europe on October 10. He worked on pieces such as drawings and illustrations at each destination.
1933, age 50 He was teaching Japanese Painting at Ittenschule in Germany February to June. Returned to Japan via Italy on September 18. Fell ill after returning from Taiwan in November.
1934, age 51 Urgent hospitalization to Fujimikogen Ryoyosho in Nagano Prefecture in January. Yumeji passed away in the early morning of September 1st with his last words being “Thank you”. His final resting place is at Zoshigaya Cemetery. The epitaph of his headstone was written by Ikuma ARISHIMA.