Kanazawa Yuwaku Yumeji-kan Museum

This museum was built in April 2000, to present Yumeji’s great works focusing on relevant Yuwaku in the rich green surroundings. Please enjoy the timeless Yumeji through his work and other artifacts linked to Yuwaku Onsen, the hot springs in harmony with nature.

His wife, Tamaki KISHI, a muse to establish “Yumeji style Bijinga” was from Kanazawa. Later on, Yumeji visited and spent time in Yuwaku, Kanazawa after his second son’s recovery from illness. This time he was with his lifelong lover Hikono KASAI as like as their honeymoon.

Yumeji called the nature-rich Yuwaku the “Hometown of my soul”. He had wanted to build a studio in this area his whole life. One of his poems in Yama e Yosuru (To the mountain) is an excellent piece reading about Yuwaku.

Closing your eyes, you told me that you would be delighted to die under the sun on a late autumn day in Yuwaku on the heart of mountains.

Exhibit Hall I (Permanent Collection)
“Travel, Women and Beliefs” provides an enjoyable moment to learn about Yumeji’s art, his personality, his connection between Kanazawa and the local history of Yuwaku. On display are Yumeji’s pieces including Bijinga, painting of children and designs have been fascinating people still now. Our special display “Love for Humanity” shows about his sympathy to European Jews during the 1930s when he witnessed their persecution in Germany in 1933.

Exhibit Hall II (Special Exhibits)
Quarterly renewing exhibits featuring artists associated with Yumeji and art and culture from the same period both in Japan and around the globe.